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Corporate ideology

We pursue limitless possibilities of membranes to build lasting impressions and a sustainable future for society.

Message from President

Kotaro Nomura

Taiyo Kogyo Corporation’s products, applied in diverse fields ranging from architecture, civil engineering, and environmental products, all contribute to providing a sustainable future.
We are the pioneers of the membrane structures and the world’s leading company with unsurpassed project experience. We continue to strive for client satisfaction and the future of the global environment.

President and Chairman
Kotaro Nomura

What is MakMax?


(Kanji character of Mak=membrane)

Our MakMax brand name is a combination of the Japanese word “膜(maku)” meaning membrane, and “max” as in maximize. Together they symbolize our continuous pursuit of limitless possibilities of membranes.  The brand name having been coined by Taiyo Kogyo Corporation over 20 years ago, represents our united dedication to membrane architecture and its industry, shown by projects spanning over seven continents.

Corporate Introduction Video (Taiyo Kogyo Corporation)