Completion of Qing Dao Carnival Wharf

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Completion of Qing Dao Carnival Wharf

Shanghai Taiyo Kogyo has completed a single layer ETFE project in Qing Dao, China.
The commercial facility located in the Shandong Economic and Technological Development Zone, is fitted with an ETFE roofing which covers a total 11,714 square meters. The structure is consisted of three units, a reticulated shell structure and two truss supported grid structures. As this project was a single layer ETFE structure which has a very small expansion and contraction rate, fabrication of the secondary steel required high precision. The project was completed following a precise management from design, fabrication, transportation and installation. The completed structure provides an iconic look to the shopping center. The use of single layer ETFE structure as a skylight, especially for commercial facilities is increasing in demand in China.