Shanghai Taiyo Kogyo wins Best of the Category in IFAI International Achievement Awards

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Winners of the IFAI International Achievement Awards were announced in mid October.  6 projects from MakMax Group was selected for their excellence, with “Xiangtan BBG Shopping Mall ETFE Skylight” project by Shanghai Taiyo Kogyo being awarded as the best of the Fabric Structures category.

The International Achievement Awards (IAA) are an annual competition with a goal to promote awareness of the specialty fabrics used in thousands of products and applications ranging in size and shape. For more than 68 years, the awards have recognized innovation, technical skill and design excellence. Entries are judged by industry experts, editors, architects, educators and design professionals who were selected for their knowledge in particular field of study or product area. – IFAI IAA


The list of project and category is as follows.


Category: Frame – Supported Structures

Xiangtan BBG Shopping Mall ETFE Skylight

Shanghai Taiyo Kogyo Co. Ltd. Shanghai

Award of Excellence, Best in Category

  • Skylight canopy of large-scale commercial building

Category: Hybrid Tension Structures

Kang Chiao International School basketball field membrane structure

Shanghai Taiyo Kogyo Co. Ltd. Shanghai, - Outstanding Achievement

  • Membrane structure for a school basketball field.

Category: Hybrid Tension Structures

Queensland State Velodrome

Makmax Australia Eagle Farm Old, - Award of Excellence

  • New indoor track facility located in Queensland Australia.

Category: Tensile Structures, >2,300 square meters (24,756 square feet)

Megalithic Temples Tarxien

Taiyo Europe GmbH Sauerlach - Award of Excellence

  • Protection from natural erosion (rain, water, dust)  for the Tarxien Temples built between 3600 – 2500 BC, which are considered part of Malta’s cultural heritage.

Category: Freestanding Structures, more than 92 square meters (1,000 square feet)

Tarek Automated Retractable Umbrellas

Makmax Australia Eagle Farm Old - Outstanding Achievement

  • 6 retractable automated umbrellas for an educational facility.

Category: Fabric Graphics

Lodz Tramstation

Taiyo Europe GmbH Sauerlach, - Award of Excellence

  • ETFE roof and facade covering four tram platfoms, which protect tram users.

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