Membrane Roofing for Lawn Bowls by MakMax Group

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Membrane Roofing for Lawn Bowls by MakMax Group


MakMax Australia, part of the MakMax Group of Companies has established itself as the market leader in the delivery of turnkey solutions for Bowling Green Shade Cover. MakMax deliver the design, engineering, fabrication, and installation of these architectural shade solutions, providing bowls clubs with an additional advantage of all-weather protection and extended sporting use availability


Originating in England, the sport dates back to 13th century and found popularity in 18th Century Australia.
According to Bowls Australia, a nonprofit organization providing strategic direction for the sport, there are over 1,900 clubs and 640,000 members in Australia today, which accounts for over 40% of the world’s bowling population. World Bowls is held every four years with over 28 countries represented, Lawn Bowls is also an official sport of the Commonwealth Games

A bowls green is 37 to 40 meters, square, and perfectly flat. The green is divided into rinks, which are not less than 5.5 meters or more than 5.8 meters wide, so several games can be played at the same time.
A set of bowls, which includes four bowls and comes in several sizes to best fit the player’s hand. White, brown and black-colored bowls are most often used. However, brightly colored bowls are becoming more prevalent. To help distinguish from opponents’ bowls, colored decals are often put on the bowls. A jack, which is smaller, white and round, and used as the target.
One foot must be on a mat, which is 600 mm long and 360 mm wide when a player delivers the bowl.
The object of the game is to roll the bowl as close to the jack as possible. The jack is rolled the length of the green to start each end. Where it stops, after being centered in the middle of the rink, it becomes the target for the balance of the end.
The bowl is not completely round but in fact has a “bias,” allowing it to curve inward as it slows. The bowl curves either way, depending on which way it is held during delivery. Bowls is a game that involves an offensive and defensive strategy to play the game and has the added challenge that the jack is movable and can be displaced anywhere on the rink by a delivered bowl.


A bowls green shade structure will maximise a clubs ability to extend playing time, provide all-weather protection for its members and give an additional protected space for associated club activities

The protection from direct sun will provide comfort and safety to the players, with the added benefit of more regulated temperature conditions. The roof reduces maintenance costs including lower energy costs due to enhanced daylighting conditions and use of rainwater connected to an efficient irrigation system. The aesthetic appearance of the roof will also provide an additional asset to the club making it appropriate for parties, corporate events, and weddings.


We are proud to have been the market leaders in the delivery and innovation of membrane architecture for over 95 years. MakMax delivers award-winning, premium quality tensile membrane architecture

MakMax deliver award-winning tensile membrane structures and we have demonstrated expertise in a wide range of sporting venues and community facilities
Our team is committed to the delivery of a unique and innovative structure, designed to our client’s specific needs.
MakMax Australia is the preferred supplier endorsed by Bowls Australia.


MakMax has delivered a wide range of Bowls Green Shade Structures including:

“When Moama Bowling Club made the decision to engage MakMax Australia to deliver our Bowling Green Shade Cover, it was based on their ability, experience, and reputation within the industry.”
“It also became evident to us, when discussing the finer points of construction, engineering and project details that MakMax would deliver a superior service and product.”
“MakMax have an in-house team of qualified engineers, draftspeople, and architects. They were responsive to our club’s needs, capable of customizing our structure, delivering a final product that would enhance our club, maximize green usage and with the best price.”
“MakMax attention to detail and customer service has been first class and I have no hesitation in recommending MakMax as the Bowling Green Shade Cover Specialists”

“The Salisbury Bowling Club is very proud that we are able to provide this sporting facility for the Salisbury Community; it is the first of its kind in the State and will be a feature of the Salisbury Oval Sporting Precinct”
“We are also very proud that we chose MakMax to construct the facility, the design; the finish, the workmanship and the full team at MakMax have proved that our decision was correct.”

MakMax are the bowls green shade specialists