ETFE film roof for Macquarie University Arts Precinct building

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ETFE film roof for Macquarie University Arts Precinct building

Macquarie University, located in northeast Sydney, features a new roofing which hovers over the roof floor of two adjacent buildings and the internal atriums located beneath.

The roof, spanning an area of 1988 square meters, is made from clear ETFE film cushions, which is allows a large amount of natural light through into the deep atriums keeping the ground level plaza spaces bright and airy. ETFE’s excellent light transmission allows for plants and vegetation is grown on the roof floor.

MakMax Australia was contracted for the engineering, fabrication and installation of the ETFE film cushion roof. Air supply ducts are an essential component of the cushions, maintaining the air pressure in the cushion chambers. Keeping air supply lines hidden from sight was a key architectural requirement which required a lot of thought due to the large coverage of roof and few areas to hide service conduits. A complex air distribution piping network had to be designed, giving special attention to the location of pressure monitoring sensors within the conduit system.

The completed structure is a light structure that enhances the other elements of the building and precinct due its transparency.

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