When tensile membrane architecture meets art

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When tensile membrane architecture meets art

Taiyo Kogyo Corporation collaborated on an art exhibit with artist Mr. Taizo Mori, as a part of the “STEAM THINKING: Art to Create the Future̶ Kyoto International Art Competition: Launch Exhibition”. The exhibition hosted by KYOTO STEAM—International Arts × Science Festival is a new art and culture event celebrating the intersection of art, science, and technology.

Tensile membrane structures are typically known for their taut, sleek, and minimalistic appearance, but when handed to an artist who specializes in the creation of space through the accumulation, lamination and “diversion” of materials, the material takes on a new life.

The artwork titled “Between the membranes” is made from scraps and waste, accumulated during the fabrication process. The membrane material was piled over a wooden frame into an enormous mass resembling a mountain from the outside, with a walkable interior space filled with colorful woodwork and material strips. The coziness of the interior is a stark contrast to the striking and intense exterior impression that the membrane “mountain” gives.

The exhibit was held the Higashiyama Cube of the recently renovated Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art.