Completion of Arthur Ashe Stadium by Birdair Inc.

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Completion of Arthur Ashe Stadium by Birdair Inc.

The US Open began on August 29th and spectators got to enjoy both the exciting game on court, and the new retractable roofing by Birdair.

Arthur Ashe Stadium, famous for its use as the center court for US Open, was prone to postponed games due to the inclement weather, and a new roofing structure to enable an all-weather hosting of games was planned.

The completed roof is made from 20,000square meters of PTFE glass fiber roofing, which was fabricated at Tijuana Factory (Mexico). The roof above the tennis court retracts from the center to either sides, reveling a 76 square meter opening.

The stadium renovations is one part of major renovations ongoing at the USTA Billy Jean King National Tennis Center located in Flushing Meadows Corona Park in New York.

In addition to the renovation of the Arthur Ashe Stadium, a new grandstand was completed with PTFE glass roofing for the spectator’s stands and its façade.