Completion of Khalifa International Stadium

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Completion of Khalifa International Stadium

Khalifa International Stadium (Doha, Qatar) has officially been completed. In celebration of the historical stadium which was originally completed in 1976 with roofing added by Birdair in 2004, the renovation of the stadium was inaugurated at the 2017 Emir Cup games with the Qatar King in attendance. Taiyo Middle East contracted and managed construction of the stadium, with Birdair’s support in engineering and fabrication of the membrane roof. The stadium is the first to be completed for the 2022 FIFA World Cup host venues.

The main roof is approximately 42,250 square meters of PTFE membrane, with approximately 2,000 square meters of single layer ETFE film supported by cables on the south end of the stadium and approximately 2,100 square meters of insulated tensioned membrane Tensotherm on the lower membrane panels on the west side.

Tensotherm is the world’s first and only translucent insulated tensioned membrane material, composed of PTFE glass fiber membrane skin, aerogel thermal/ acoustic insulation and PTFE glass fiber interior liner. Tensotherm provides diffused glare-free natural daylight, enhanced temperature control, remarkable acoustics and innovative sustainability. Unlike traditional insulations, the unique composition of the aerogel blanket prevents it from losing any of its insulating value over time. Aerogel is also a hydrophobic material, making it resistant to moisture and mold.

The combined use of these three materials is the first of its kind for Taiyo/ MakMax Group and the world. With its insulation capabilities, Tensotherm material helps to cut the heat from the westering sun toward the stadium and will provide comfort to the spectators in the scorching heat of the Middle East.

The stadium is also slated to be used as the main stadium for the 2019 IAAF World Championships in Athletics.