ETFE canopy for Quanzhou Shishi Shimao Skyscraper City

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ETFE canopy for Quanzhou Shishi Shimao Skyscraper City

Shanghai Taiyokogyo has completed one of their largest ETFE structures to date; the huge ETFE canopy for the Quanzhou Shish Shimao Skyscraper City.

The urban city was developed by Shimao Properties, one of the largest property developers, planning an urban cityscape which includes a five-star hotel, office building, commercial street, shopping center, Ferris wheel, family villas and mansions, living facilities for the elderly, and education facilities for the children. The city was planned to house 20,000 people, becoming the largest project in Shishi City, in the municipal region of Quanzhou.

Masters Architectural Office designed a mega canopy which expands over the “Dream Street” as the focal point of the city, covering a width of 532 meters at a maximum height of 69.4 meters. The center of the canopy was composed of 406 strips of trapezoidal ETFE cushions, covering a total area of approximately 12,000 square meters. Shanghai Taiyokogyo was contracted for the engineering, fabrication, and installation of the ETFE cushions on the canopy.

The completed structure is visually eye-catching, but at the same time lightweight and elegant. During the hot season, the ETFE cushions act as insulation and protection from the sunlight and radiation. During bad weather, the canopy functions as a shelter from the wind and rain. The ETFE cushions function as an aerial screen by utilizing the projection effect of lighting to ETFE, creating a dramatic and artistic look. The visionary images, ranging from flying the sky, walking the universe or the natural scenery, create the ultimate visual effect and an unparalleled international metropolis experience.