Zaozhuang Stadium completed in China

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Zaozhuang Stadium completed in China

Shanghai Taiyokogyo Corporation, has recently completed Zaozhuang Stadium, a complex cable structure to join the long list of architectural achievements by MakMax Group.

Located in Zaozhuang City, China, the stadium which has a capacity of over 30,000 people, will be used for track and field games and soccer games. The scope of Shanghai Taiyokogyo was engineering, fabrication and construction of the membrane roof, cables, and steel work related to the material. The stadium is based on a spoke wheel structure consisting of tension rings, radial cables, and compression rings, but with a slight twist. The radial cables run diagonally at a slight angle and intersects with one another. This required higher precision on the construction methodology and management.

Shanghai Taiyokogyo worked closely with Architect: United Design Group Co. Ltd., Engineer:Institute of Shanghai Architectural Design, and general contractor: China Construction Eighth Engineering Division Corp. Ltd. to complete the structure. Construction began in August 2016 and was completed in June 2017, with the membrane installation being completed in under two months following a rigorous and precise management system.

The completed structure shows a unique edge with rhythm and flow. The stadium is fitted with approximately 43,000 square meters of PTFE coated glass fiber material.

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