Completion of a new canopy for Chichester Goodwood Racecourse

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Completion of a new canopy for Chichester Goodwood Racecourse

Taiyo Europe GmbH has completed construction on the Chichester Goodwood Racecourse. Goodwood Racecourse, located in Chichester, West Sussex, England, is housed on the Goodwood Estate controlled by the family of the Duke of Richmond. The 12,000-acre estate features a motor circuit, hotel, golf course, and wedding venue in addition to the Goodwood Racecourse.

Taiyo Europe was contracted to design, fabricate and install the PVC membrane and the stainless steel cables for the new Champagne Bar Canopy, surrounding the main stand of the horseracing track. This structure is the 5th canopy to be completed, identical in design to four other canopies built by Taiyo Membrane Corporation / MakMax Australia and Birdair Inc., back in 2001. Contracted by RW Armstrong & Sons Ltd., Taiyo Europe worked with Hopkins Architects to create the 300 square meter canopy fitted with PVC material.

The structure is a self-balancing structure, relying on the membrane panels to tension the vertical cables, upon attachment to the two main cables connecting the top of the masts. Lifting the membrane into final position proved to be challenging, due to the high tension of the material, and consideration of the small vertical gap between the membrane and the two main cables. The site team successfully completed the project using modified chain blocks to support the lifting operation.

The completed product provides a strikingly elegant landscape to the estate, as well as provide shade and comfort to the visitors of the racecourse, whilst continuing on the legacy of the structures completed by the MakMax Group companies.