Combination of membrane structures for a shopping mall rooftop

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Combination of membrane structures for a shopping mall rooftop

Taiyo Kogyo Corporation has participated in the delivery of multiple structures for the rooftop of a newly built shopping mall in Jakarta.

Located on the eastern side of Jakarta, AEON MALL Jakarta Garden City is part of the new town Jakarta Garden City (JGC), with newly developed housing, retail, public facilities, and infrastructure. The shopping mall houses 227 retail stores with more than 3,000 staff, which caters to the 3,250,000 people who live within the 20-minute drive radius.

Taiyo was tasked in the engineering, fabrication, and installation of multiple walkway canopies, shelters and an Air Trampoline structure on the rooftop, which serves as a resting space and recreation area for the visitors. The Air Trampoline structure, an inflated dome-line structure made from membrane materials, was the first of its kind in the South East Asia Region and became an instant hit for visitors with children.

The canopies, shelters, and Air Trampoline structure totaled an area of 640 square meters, realized with the combined use of PTFE and PVC materials. The pristine white structures provide a clean and pleasing aesthetic, whilst the shape adds a fun atmosphere to the family friendly area. In addition to its looks, tensile membrane structures provide function by filtering the harsh UV rays through its translucent material.

As the leading membrane specialist in the world, Taiyo Kogyo Corporation and its subsidiaries under the MakMax Group hopes to expand the use of unique and functional membrane structures into new markets and religions, through the use of traditional structures such as shelters, to innovative new applications such as Air Trampolines.

Project name: AEON MALL Jakarta Garden City
Architect: CUBE
Engineer: PT. TAKENAKA INDONESIA (Design & Build)
General Contractor: PT. TAKENAKA INDONESIA