Taiyo Group Celebrating 100 Years

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Taiyo Group Celebrating 100 Years

Taiyo Kogyo Corporation, along with our group companies TSP Taiyo and ACTIO CORPORATION is celebrating 100 years in business. Taiyo Group consists of membrane architecture specialist Taiyo Kogyo Corporation, event planning and consultant TSP Taiyo, and event and facility operator ACTIO CORPORATION. The group will jointly carry out a series of commemorative events throughout the year.

Taiyo Group was established in 1922 as Nomura Tent Shokai. The company was re-established during the aftermath of WW2 with only a pair of scissors and a sewing machine. Dedicated to “serving society and delivering memorable moments”, the company has given life to unique products taking advantage of the benefits of membrane materials. Through their involvement in the 1970 Osaka Expo, Taiyo Kogyo participated in the fabrication and operation of many large-scale pavilion structures. This led to the establishment of TSP Taiyo and ACTIO both specializing in their fields. Eventually, Taiyo Group has grown to the 74 billion Yen group today.

For the anniversary of the 100th year in business, the group will carry out joint programs aiming to strengthen the bond and generate a synergistic effect between the group companies, furthering the possibilities of membrane architecture and the experiences created within the created space.

■Anniversary logo for the Group

To celebrate the 100th year, Taiyo Group has created a logo to be used among the three group companies. The logo which is inspired by the shining sun represents the group’s businesses that have expanded through the century. This is the first time for the three group companies to have a shared logo. The logo will be used on websites and business cards throughout the year.

■Yuki Nohmura is appointed president of Taiyo Kogyo Corporation

In March 2022, Yuki Nohmura, a descendant of the founder of the company, was appointed as President of Taiyo Kogyo Corporation. Nohmura became the president of TSP Taiyo in 2017, contributing to the growth of the company by increasing its sales by 50%. Taiyo Kogyo on the other hand has been struggling amidst the stagnant construction market. His return to Taiyo Kogyo Corporation aims to strengthen the foundation of the business under his leadership. In addition, Yoshinori Ikezawa was appointed president of TSP Taiyo in June 2022. Ikezawa has been a leading force in the core business of TSP Taiyo for over 30 years, participating in the planning and operation of events such as the World Resort Exposition (1944) and the Aichi World Expo (2005). For the past 5 years, he has supported the growth of TSP Taiyo as Vice President.

■Looking toward the next 100 years

Taiyo Group’s involvement in construction, events, and facility operations is based on our unique focus on membrane technology. Further development of the possibilities of membranes, is crucial to our growth in the next century.

Membrane materials are compact and foldable, making them an optimal material for the space environment. Taiyo Kogyo Corporation has worked on projects with JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency), Tokyo University of Science, and Shimizu Corporation to develop the “Space Colony Demonstration Module”. In June, Taiyo Group invested in the company SPACE ONE, a launch service for small rockets, aiming to become further involved in the space-related business, including event planning and facility operation around the launch pad. Taiyo Kogyo Corporation is also involved in the development of wind-power generated ships with a membrane sail, in hopes to provide a solution to the energy problem.

In addition to research and development, it is important for us to maintain our top share as large-scale membrane architecture (tent architecture) specialists. Through the harsh economy and social environment, Taiyo Group will continue to contribute to society through the creation of space utilizing membrane technology, to lead the next 100 years as leaders of the market.

■Taiyo Group History

1922 Kaneshige Nomura establishes Nomura Tent Shokai. The business is later closed during WW2.
1946 Taiyo Kogyo Corporation is founded.
1947 Taiyo Kogyo Corporation is established as a company.
1955 Taiyo Tent (later renamed TSP Taiyo) branches out from Taiyo Kogyo Corporation as a rental business.
1970 Osaka Expo
1987 ACTIO CORPORATION is established in Tokyo.
1988 “Tokyo Dome” is completed. (Roof fabrication and construction by Taiyo Kogyo Corporation is Takenaka Corporation)
1990 “Tempozan Harbor Village Kaiyukan” opens. (Operation by ACTIO CORPORATION)
1992 Nomura Membrane Structure Technology Foundation is established.
2000 “Millennium Dome” is completed. (Fabrication and construction by Taiyo Kogyo Corporation’s subsidiary company)
2004 ACTIO CORPORATION is the first private company to be appointed as designated administrator for “Yokohama City Shirahata Chiku Center”.
2005 Aichi Expo 2005 is held in Japan.
2011 Construction of a temporary housing complex in Onagawa to support the Great East Japan earthquake recovery efforts, by TSP Taiyo.

“Madinah Haram Piazza Umbrella Project” is completed. Taiyo Kogyo Corporation participated in the delivery of 250 umbrellas.

2012 “Tokyo Skytree” opens. (Operation by ACTIO CORPORATION)
2013 Construction of three facilities for the Lucerne Festival Arc Nova Matsuyama 2013 by TSP Taiyo.
2016 Taiyo Kogyo Corporation completes “MakMax FLEX EXPERIENCE CENTER” and “Brillia Running Stadium”.
2020 Takanawa Gateway Station opening event (TSP Taiyo provides construction of pavilions)


■Taiyo Kogyo Corporation

Taiyo Kogyo Corporation is the leading company in tensile membrane architecture, supporting the creation of a safe society and better life. Their products range from large-scale architecture to civil engineering products, logistic products, and environmental products. The company has gained recent attention for products for emergency disaster response and COVID-related medical tents.



TSP TAIYO celebrates 67 years in business, as professionals in consultation and event planning, aiming to create spaces that host memorable moments. The company has a long history of participation in major international events, dating back to the 70 Osaka Expo. They provide a total solution from the event planning to creative design, architectural design, construction, and operation of events. In addition to real events, the company has expanded to planning digital events utilizing the latest XR technology, or a hybrid type event.



ACTIO CORPORATION provides the most memorable experience to visitors, through the education and operation of staff working at expositions and pavilions. The company has expanded its business to the staff management of recreational facilities, cultural facilities, community facilities, and other diverse spaces which attract visitors, as well as being appointed as a designated administrator of public facilities. The company contributes to the development of people and communities, through the operation of events and facilities.

  • Employees: 124 full-time, 1180 contracted, 934 part-time (as of Dec 2021)
  • Annual turnover: 9.6 billion yen (FY21)
  • Website: https://www.actio.co.jp/