Multiple statement canopies for a hotel redevelopment

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Multiple statement canopies for a hotel redevelopment

Flynn Hotel by Crystalbrook Collection in Cairns features 6 unique canopy structures, creating a bold statement piece to the exterior of the newly redeveloped hotel.

Tasked with delivering a structure which was “all about bold, vibrant, living in the moment”, MakMax Australia was contracted to engineer, fabricate and install 6 membrane canopies over the lower street-facing areas of the hotel, including the pool area and the Boardwalk Social restaurant and bar.

1,100 square meters of area in total is covered with a combination of two materials with differing shades of translucency, achieved through using a PTFE glass fiber coated material and PTFE mesh laminated material. The canopies have varying levels, angles and aspects of the structures were engineered and constructed to survive the tropical weather Cairns is famous for.

The membrane serves double duty, providing function as a protection for visitors from the harsh sunlight, and aesthetic using the dynamic form and differing translucency.

The structure was completed in February 2020, overcoming delays caused by site access and weather.