Architecture of ETFE: MakMax (Taiyo Kogyo Corporation)

The Next Generation in Architecture

ETFE film is a transparent tensile material that can create light filled organic waves on the roof to eye catching smooth unique facades. Minimal environmental impact with the ability to span long distance with little support.

Only 350g/m²

transparent and lightweight ETFE film creates open space.

*Weight: under the condition t=200µm

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Advantages of ETFE Film

Transparent + Lightweight
ETFE film is lightweight and can transmit up to 90% sunlight, which can reduce the electricity costs for lighting, heating and cooling as its insulation characteristics are similar to glass.
Superior durability
ETFE film can maintain well transparency and strength for over 20 years, it is also highly resistant to fire and heat.
Self cleaning
Due to the non-stick surface dust and dirt do not settle on ETFE easily. However, any dirt or dust that does settle will be easily cleaned by a small amount of rain or water.
ETFE film is recyclable; once it has been taken from a structure it can be recycled back into useable ETFE product.

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