Endless fun on “Fluffy” Air Trampolines

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Endless fun on “Fluffy” Air Trampolines

As one young visitor commented, “It’s like jumping on a cloud.”
Air trampolines are air inflated dome-like trampoline structures made from membrane materials. Characterized by its Japanese product name Fuwafuwa Dome, meaning “Fluffy” Dome, this play equipment is like no other in that it provides unique and endless hours of fun for the visitors and becomes an instant hit of the installed park or venue.

Basic structure of Air Trampolines
Air Trampolines consists of a dome-shaped inner material, covered with an outer layer material in PVC. The air inlet runs underground to pump air into the dome, inflating the dome which is anchored to the ground. The air blower is constantly in operation, releasing air from the exhaust outlet when the dome receives the load from people on the structure and maintains a consistent and stable inner pressure within the dome.

The Air Trampoline can be designed to fit the plot area’s shape and condition, as well as the requirements of the client.

In conjunction to the Air Trampoline, we provide structures such as child-friendly signage, benches with shading for accompanying parental guardians, and security cameras to protect the structure.

Fun on Air Trampolines
The Air Trampoline provides a safe environment, catering to a wide age-group of visitors. Whether you are jumping alone or playing tag with a group of friends, bouncing on the dome is sure to be a unique experience.
Many of our clients comment on how Air Trampolines have increased the number of visitors significantly. Once installed the play equipment becomes the favorite of many visitors. Children happily playing for hours at a time is not uncommon, with one user commenting their average playtime on the Air Trampoline as 40 minutes to 2 hours.

From Japan to the World
Taiyo Kogyo Corporation first began sales of Air Trampolines in Japan as an addition to their long history of engineering architectural membrane structures across the world. To date, MakMax Group has more than 110 Air Trampoline projects within Japan and several projects around Asia with more in the works.

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Bihoku Hillside Park