Swift replacement with optimized canopy for Carrington Pavilion

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Swift replacement with optimized canopy for Carrington Pavilion

A winter snowstorm swept through Virginia, causing extreme overloading onto a canopy structure, eventually leading the roof over an amphitheater to collapse. Birdair assisted in the replacement works of the amphitheater, in time for the outdoor venue to be up running by spring.

Carrington Pavilion, located in Danville, Virginia, USA, is an outdoor amphitheater with approximately 1,200 covered seating and 5,000 festival seating on the lawn. The venue serves as a host venue for seasonal events such as the Fourth of July, Harvest Jubilee, plays, concerts, and other community functions, and is a central destination to the local community.

The original PTFE roof was completed by Birdair over 16 years ago. It was destroyed when a heavy winter storm hit the area, resulting in the failure of one of the cone tops. With the amphitheater prime use upcoming in spring, the swift recovery of the roof was essential to the function of the venue.

Contracted to engineer, fabricate and install the new PTFE roof, Birdair proposed that the roof be optimized by adding a sectionalizing down the center to hopefully minimize any future damages by similar unforeseen weather conditions. In addition to the material itself being upgraded, the areas around the cones received additional reinforcement. The project was swiftly completed within 8 working days on site.

The amphitheater was fully recovered by mid-April, just in time for the venue to open its doors to the new season, resulting in no missed or canceled events due to the replacement works.

Project Name: Carrington Pavilion
Material: PTFE coated glass fiber
Surface area: 1,115 square meters (12,000 square feet)